The Kasese Municipal law enforcement officers yesterday(24th July 2020) demolished the house in Gulf course club cell in Kasese Municipality on allegations of being in an illegal place.

The Physical planner for Kasese Municipality Mr. Wilfred Baluku identified the owner of the affected house as Rev. Aineous Kato who is alleged to have constructed the house on Kilembe mines land in gold club cell Kasese municipality Mr. Wilfred speaking one ………

Mr. Wilfred later disclosed that they are in plans to demolish twenty seven more houses in the same place in Gulf cell since they have encroached on Gulf cell land before he asked people to seek permission while constructing in Kasese municipality.

Some of the residents who witnessed the demolition including Mr. Bakoko Mumbere and others said they were not aware about the actions of the Municipal council as some said the owner of the affected building was stopped by Municipal council but later continued something they said could have forced them to swing into action.

Mr. Bakoko and others…….

Speaking to Kasese guide radio on phone Rev. Kato Aineous a clergyman from south Rwenzori diocese said he was in negotiations with Kilembe mines who is the land lord but that he was shocked to receive reports of demolitions. Rev Kato speaking……..



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