The Uganda Police force has said that the list of missing persons will be released by the Internal Affairs Minister General JeJe-Odongo to Parliament any time.  

Recently, President Museveni said that there is no person who was missing but they had rather been arrested by security organs as terrorists and directed the army and police to produce a list of those held in security detention places and make their names known to the public and relatives.

The president said that missing person whom he called criminals had been arrested by operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence -CMI and the UPDF commando unit for allegedly participating in the November 18 and 19th protests as well as for threatening violence during the January 14 polls and after the announcing of the presidential election results.    

However, despite an order for security to release the list to members of the public, for over three weeks, nothing has been released.

The UPDF claimed that the list had been handed over to the police leadership, but police declined to release the list following a misunderstanding.  

Now, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said that there were circumstances that led to the delay in releasing the list to members of the public but noted that following a directive by the Speaker of Parliament, the Internal Affairs Minister would soon make the list public.Enanga speaking; ………


The development comes as relatives of the missing persons continue to express concern over the whereabouts of their loved ones.END.


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