Mrs. Sarah Ithungu Baleke, the Kasese district NRM woman flag bearer has called for discipline among the school going children to support and motivate their parents for funding ahead of school opening next month.

Speaking to Kasese guide radio in Kasese town yesterday(20th.Dec.2021), Ms Sarah said the good performance of the parents can partly be realized if the children behaved well and worked hard as guided.

The Mountain girl as known by her political peers during the recent political campaign later warned against luxurious expenditures during the Christmas festivals but plan for their children whose schools open next month. Hon. Sarah Baleke speaking……

The former Kasese Municipal legislator, Hon. Centenary Robert congratulated the Kasese people upon reaching Xmas season but warned the local community and drivers against behaving recklessly.

Hon. Centenary speaking…

He also warned that the birth of Christ should not be a source of friction among couples but a basis of reconciliation, peace and unity among family members. END.


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