Authorities in DR Congo have arrested a renowned Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) recruiter, Banza Madjaribu, who is also a brother of the terrorist group’s de facto commander, Imam Zakaria Banza Souleymane commonly known as Bonge La Chuma. 

Following the joint attacks by the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Congolese army, that started on November 30, last year, security sources said the ADF leader, Musa Baluku, was badly wounded, and he has since handed over command to Bonge La Chuma. 

Sources said Madjaribu, was an Imam at Katindo mosque in the city of Goma, just like his younger brother, Imam Bonge La Chuma, who is said to be the head and chief instructor of the ADF fighters currently. 

After his arrest in Goma on December 28 last year, Madjaribu was reportedly detained there for about five days, before he was transferred to Kinshasa on January 2. 

He was detained in Goma before he was later transferred to the military criminal intelligence prison in Kinshasa.

The source revealed adding that security operatives were able to identify him using the recognizable scar under his left eye.

Reports indicate that Madjaribu has been behind a number of bomb attacks in DR Congo and that he has been on DRC’s wanted list for years. End.


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