The Ministry of Health has said only travelers that have been fully vaccinated will not need to undergo a COVID-19 tests on arrival into the country.

According to a statement released by the Health Ministry yesterday, only people who are fully vaccinated will not have to pay for a polymerase chain reaction test on arrival at Entebbe International Airport.

This comes as the country has put in place travel restrictions for travelers coming from countries with high COVID-19 reported cases. 

The exemption of the need of the test will only apply to travelers from category two countries that have reported high numbers of cases and also have variants circulating but those from India will however not be allowed in Uganda.

These countries in category 2 include; England, United Arab Emirates, the US, Turkey, South Africa, South Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania. Dr. Charles Olaro, the acting Director General of Health Services says they have exempted travelers who have fully got the COVID-19 vaccine from getting the PCR test because they believe that they will not be able to spread the disease. END


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