A ceremony has been held in the Democratic Republic of Congo to bury the gold-crowned tooth of independence hero Patrice Lumumba more than 60 years after he was assassinated.

It is the only part of his body that exists after his remains were dissolved in acid but a Belgian policeman who oversaw the disposal took the tooth as a trophy.

It was returned to the family last week and has toured several parts of DR Congo in a coffin.

President Félix Tshisekedi, Lumumba’s family and other dignitaries were at the service which was taking place before the coffin is transferred to a specially built mausoleum.

Lumumba was the country’s first Prime Minister and one of the leaders of the struggle for independence, and also seen as one of the most prominent voices in Africa’s anti-colonial movement.

Today marked 62 years since the former colonial power Belgium relinquished control of the vast country. END


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