Today July 7 marks three years after the death of late Rev. Fr. Patrick Mayani witha call on all Priests and Believers in Christ to pray for his soul.

However these three years after his death remain fresh in the minds of many Christians in the diocese of Kasese.

To Rev. Fr. Kiiza David Omwami, the parish Priest for Kitabu catholic parish who also doubles as one of his closest friend, asks believers to pray for the soul of his fallen priest to continue resting eternally.

Fr. Kiiza who says memories are still fresh in his mind described Late Fr. Mayani as a man of God who in his life time served God and sensitized the community on education, health, development and spiritual development among others. Rev Fr. Kiiza speaking……

During his life time, Fr. Mayani would preach in a comic and lay man’s language to win souls.

Fr. Mayani was ordained a priest on 28th July 2007 by the Bishop emeritus Egedio Ngaijanabyo at St Johns minor seminary in Kiburara and died of natural death on 7th July 2018. ENDS


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