Over seventy students have been skilled in hairdressing at Katoke trading Centre in Bugoye subcounty in Kasese district with a call on the project beneficiaries to put the skills to good use.

Trumpet foundation`s Executive director, the sponsor of the skilling project, Mr. Jonan Bamwenda Bwambale who asked the project beneficiaries to learn to use the few available resources for a start, described discipline at work and in their communities as a key component to success. Mr. Jonan speaking……


Ms. Ritah Mbambu, a beneficiary like others appreciated Trumpet Foundation headed by Mr. Jonan Bamnwenda, a former Busongora North MP seat contender. Ms. Ritah speaking………..


Most community members and politicians in Katoke described the skills project as timely to improve the living conditions of the community members, mainly young mothers. END


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