President Museveni had revised the movements of bicycles and cargo boda-bodas from 2pm as earlier on communicated to 5pm.

In his State of the nation`s address about the deadly Corona virus last evening, President Museveni said that his earlier restrictions for boda-bodas to stop movements at 2p was basically to curb them from aiding criminals.

Mr. Museveni whom said the national task force was to analyze whether the lone drive can be allowed in each cargo truck into Uganda said that his change of heart came after thorough consultations that 2pm was too early compared to 5pm where bicycles and boda-bodas would be able to deliver their cargo and prepare for the 7pm curfew time. Mr. Museveni speaking1…

The head of State later congratulated the UPDF and scientists whom he said had done a commendable job in dealing with the destructive locusts that had been invading Uganda from Kenya, adding that the fire fight unit developed in Kaweweta would in future assist in combating similar emergencies. President Museveni speaking2……       

He later delivered a stern warning against the people who cultivate on the shores of the lake and on its banks, saying that their selfish activities forced the floating island to disrupt business at the dam, leading to a nationwide power blackout, before hailing the engineers backed by the UPDF for working around the clock to solve the problem.

President Museveni speaking3….

. The President who kept thanking the medics for being brave and guiding the nation about a number of epidemics including Ebola and the deadly Corona virus threatened to import food should Ugandan suppliers hoard and increase prices un necessarily. END


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