The disagreement between the Kitswamba sub-county chairperson and the councilors over the relocation of the lower local government headquarters has deepened.

Early this month, the council unanimously approved a motion to shift the sub county headquarters from the current Rugendabara-Kikongo Town Council to Kanyatsi village in Hima parish.

However, the issue attracted mixed reactions from the sub county chairperson, Chance Juma Magonya and the sub county councilors with the later believing that Kanyatsi village in Hima parish is suitable to host the sub county headquarters because of its location to serve the entire sub-county, a claim which has been objected by the former.

Magonya who proposed that the sub county headquarters be shifted to the structures that used to house Ibuga Refugee Settlement Camp in Rugendabara Parish to minimize rent expenses argues that the money that would be used to rent a house at Kanyatsi village should instead be spent to renovate the abandoned structures than spending on a those that would be soon be taken by the proposed Hiam Municiplaity. Mr. Magonya speaking……..

Recently, the councilors together with the technical staff transported all the sub county furniture to a rented house at Kanyatsi village as Mr. Magonya also mobilized his team and shifted the remaining furniture to the yet to be renovated structures at Ibuga Refugee Settlement Camp.

Amon Isingoma, the Rugendabara Parish Chairperson welcomed the idea of shifting the sub county headquarters to his area with a lot of happiness. Isingoma adds: ……………….

But the Sub County Speaker, Binanzire Thamwanzire who chaired the council session that recently resolved to shift the headquarters says that they have plans to always raise the money to rent the house, adding that shifting the sub county headquarters to Ibuga was far away for the residents of Kitswamba and Kihyo parishes. Mr. Benanzeri….



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