Poor harvest of Fish in Scheme ward, Nyamwamba Division in Kasese Municipality has been attributed to inadequate food supply to the fish, the Kasese district Fisheries officer, Mr. Erisenia Bwambale has said.

Mr.Erisania said the farmers reportedly relaxed from depositing chicken waste and cow dungs in the ponds weekly as directed by the fisheries department, which he said was among the reason for poor harvest.

Mr.Erisenia one on Fish farming……


Mr.Erisania called for more sensitization among fish farmers in Mubuku scheme and Karusandara sub-county before re-stocking new fish species.Mr.Erisania two speaking….


Earlier, he said the fish farmers in Karusandara sub-county particularly could have also failed to identify protein foods for the first two months.

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He called for collaborated efforts among fish farmers and fisheries extension officers at sub-county levelto have good fish harvest. END.


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