The Electoral materials for the tomorrow Busongora South Bye-elections are already in Kasese district, the district Registrar, Mr. Ismail Turkey Atwijukire has confirmed.

Addressing the media at the electoral office in Kasese Municipality yesterday, Mr. Atwijukire Ismail Turkey said the one hundred transparent White Boxes and basins are among the electoral materials received by his office in preparation for the Bye-elections slated for tomorrow.

Mr. Atwijukire who asked the aspirants for the political race to send their agents at 5am tomorrow to transport the materials, calls on the electorates to turn up in big numbers to elect a leader of their choice.

Mr. Atwijukire speaking…………

Representative for FDC Party, Hon. George Kabby told Kasese guide radio that the exercise for receiving electoral materials was successful and that he will send all serial seal numbers to their agents for better supervision. Hon. Kabby speaking………………

To the NUP Representative Mr. Basisa Brian like those from other political parties said the exercise to receive the materials was transparent. END.


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