EC calls upon voters to uphold the principle of secret ballot.

The Electoral Commission calls upon voters to uphold the principle of secret ballot which is stipulated in the 2021 election guidelines.

It is stipulated in the Electoral Commission voter education handbook that “while voting is done in the open; marking the ballot is secret – your choice is secret (p.35).”

Mr. Paul Bukenya, the EC spokesperson has asked the voters to be responsible not to take pictures or photographs and share them with others as the law does not allow that.

He says voters should keep their ballot secret for one’s safety and desist from exposition of persons one will have voted for in the 2021 general elections. Mr. Bukenya speaking…….

A cross-section of voters and political candidates oppose the move by the Electoral Commission to ban the use of cameras and smartphones within polling stations, with Ms Rebecca Kidaaga, a voter from Kabuwoko village in Lusanja saying that people should however be allowed to move with their phones as it is a personal gadget for communication. END

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