Mr. Ludoviko Kibaya, a retired Catechist in then diocese of Kasese has blamed the current deteriorating behavior among the youth to what he called loose language turned curses against children.

During a requiem service for late Joseph Masereka who died at Kagando Hospital, Mr. Ludoviko calls on parents to find appropriate words to use than ignorantly cursing their children.

He described a parents as an early pillar to a child and any words uttered can either be a blessing or a curse to the child. Mr. Ludoviko speaking..

Mr. Ludoviko asked parents and guardians to be selective of their words to the children he said were a blessing from God.

He said whereas children may make mistakes, choosing words to make them was key than curses. Mr. Ludoviko speaking2……….

The Kasese district councilor Representing Kyalhumba town council who is also area FDC Chairperson, Hon. Ronald Ndyakurungi described late Joseph as a strong FDC pillar who had the party at heart despite some challenges. Hon. Ndyakurungi speaking……….

May his soul rest in peace. END.


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