Health department of Lira Diocese in Uganda is engaging the young stars in health education meetings aimed at empowering youth to live healthy and productive life.

The event is part of the outreach activities being conducted in parishes where several youth groups are given health talks to urge them to abstain from early sexual activity in a bid to remain productive.

Rev. Sr Winnie Talli, HIV/AIDS Focal Point person of Lira Diocese, said the program is being rolled out in parishes to reduce on cases of HIV/AIDS transmission rate and teenage pregnancy among the young people in Lango sub region.

She went on to share that they also intend to minimize the rampant cases of child marriages among the teenagers in the region.

Sr Talli further said they want to equip the young people with some basic skills to embrace other lucrative activities to aid them to be self-reliant in their communities.

According to Sr Winnie, they are also instructing the youth in the parishes with basic knowledge on how they can start local savings to boost house hold income.

Additionally, counselling session is part of the services they are offering to young people in the parishes to strengthen them to move on amidst varied challenges in their homesteads after bitter experiences during Covid-19 lock down.

Apart from youth engagement, she revealed that they are advising parents to use other preventive measures to reduce cases of domestic violence among the married couples and to deter their children from getting enticed to other acts which are harmful to their lives and future. End


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