The Kasese district senior and social welfare officer, Ms Zainabu Asiimwe has asked young mothers not to succumb to public negativity but have focus for the future by returning to school.

In a recent statement by the Ministry of education and sports, pregnant young girls and mothers with no health difficulties are to return to class for studies as school open next week.

Ms Zainabu described as un focused and loose talk for anybody to think that pregnancy ends life, asking pregnant young girls and mothers to close their ears against loose talk for purposes of shaping their future through education. Ms Zainabu speaking………

The Kasese district Senior Education officer, Mrs. Kuruthum Mosh Masika told the same gathering of learners in Muhokya town council yesterday that the lock down had been more disadvantageous to young and now pregnant girls who must be allowed in class as schools open next week as directed by government. Ms Kuruthumu speaking……

Kasese district is said to have registered over six thousand teenage pregnancies in just one year. END.


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