Community members wherever they may be have been asked to go for annually medical check-up if they are to minimize on the spread of non-communicable diseases that have claimed many lives.

The call was sounded by the In-charge Kasese Municipal health Centre three Mr. James Mwiruwabwo while speaking to Kasese guide radio.

Mr. Mwiruwabwo said whereas most people have always claimed to be strong and health there’s need for them to at least be going for medical checkup every after one year. Mr. Mwiruwabwo one …

He also said developed countries have community health workers who move to families checking their health status saying our VHTs in uganda are not yet empowered to that level thus need for individuals to take their personal health an important tool in life.

Mr. Mwiruwabwo two……

Mr. Mwiruwabo also reported that non-communicable disease like Diabetes and pressure are killing so many old people unknowingly. END.


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