Water shortage has hit residents of Kitswamba Sub-County in Kasese district.   

The most affected areas are; Kitswamba, Kihyo, Rughendebara and Hima town council.

The boreholes broke down and community wells dried up forcing residents to share water with animals from swamps and streams.

Mr. Uziah Bwambale a resident of Kitswamba village says they have resorted to using water from swamps since the community open wells dried up. 

 Bwambale attributes the problem to leaders who have remained silent despite the outcry.

Mr. Bwambale calls upon the government to intervene and provide solutions to avert the likelihood of disease outbreaks. Mr. Bwambale 1 on Gov’t;..


Mr. Johnson Muhindo another resident says they are forced to walk for more than 4 kilometres to a swamp, putting their lives at risk.

He adds that the few remaining streams are being shared with domestic animals which exposes them to diseases. Mr. Johnson Speaking;…. 


Mr. Augustine Mutooro a tailor in Rugendabara town council says they are now buying a jerrycan of water between 500 and 1,000 Shillings from water vendors.

Mr. Juma Magonya the LCIII Chairperson Kitswamba sub-county says residents are dependent on groundwater but many of the water sources have dried up. End.


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