Members of Kyongo Vanilla and coffee organic group were in a sombre mood and equally disappointed over the fallen Vanilla prices from one hundred seventy thousand last season to fifty thousand this season.

Speaking to Kasese Guide radio on phone, the group chairperson Dr. Andrew Kamalha who called for urgent government intervention wondered how vanilla farmers could survive to cope up with the dissappointing prices that have come at the helm of using the costly labor forces not only to maintains the crop but also guard it from the deadly robbers. Mr. Kamalha speaking …….

Their coordinator, Mr. Ponsiano Busayirwa who said it was another battle to have their farmers sell at sixty thousand shillings per kilogram yesterday partly blamed the situation to the illegal sell of row vanilla that frustrates the crop quality from Kasese district and the region. Mr. Ponsiano speaking ………

The Kyondo subcounty local council three Chairperson proposes that Government like it has done to cotton updates vanilla farmers about the prices of cotton. Earlier, the Parish Communicator for Nsenyi Parish, Mr. Pascal had reported that some farmers had started budgeting luxuriously in anticipitation of the ever demand of vanilla. END


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