The Division Court Martial sitting at Kakiri in Wakiso district has sentenced to life imprisonment a UPDF officer and 35 in prison an LDU personnel for killing protesters during the November 18 riots in Kampala.

Lance Corporal Augustine Mugisha was accused of shooting dead Grace Walungama, a mechanic at a garage in Lugalo, Kosovo in Lubaga division before later turning the gun onto Hussein Ssenoga, an LDU personnel.

When the riots broke out, Walungama was standing by the roadside as he watched rioters and when LDU personnel came to disperse the crowd, he ran to the garage from where he was followed by Lance Corporal Mugisha who shot him twice and died instantly.

The UPDF officer later shot dead Hussein Ssenoga, an LDU personnel who was questioning him for shooting dead Walungama. END


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