Justice and Peace Commission Lira Diocese is presently implementing programs for holistic community development in Lango sub region.

Key among the programs is incorporating communities to join Multi-purpose  Cooperative Society to enable them generate household income that can strengthen their livelihood through savings, food production and other lucrative activities.

Mr. Okello Cyprian, the coordinator Justice and Peace Commission Lira Diocese told AMECEA News correspondent that the program is aimed at motivating local people to fight household poverty and become self reliant.

He is optimistic that Christian farmers when empowered economically, they will be able to support their projects and that of the Church with less difficulty.

Apart from having the vision to guide farmers to get empowered economically, he added that Justice and Peace Commission is taking initiative to train and strengthen cultural leaders to understand their Christian values.

He further noted that they are also training cultural leaders to work as servants of the people and serve their communities with humility following example of Jesus Christ.

According the coordinator, the initiative is being done through mentorship workshops on different levels of leadership where participants are being drawn from various parishes in Lira Diocese.

He further noted that apart from cultural leaders, they are looking forward to mentor other community leaders with Christian values to enable them radiate the image of the Church in the communities.

As peace building institution, another activity being taken is engaging different categories of people on how to restore broken relationships through dialogue and mediation in the communities.

The activities being taken by Justice and Peace Commission Lira Diocese will in the short run help to restore hope and confidence in the region that bore the brunt of the insurgency of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel-LRA. End


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