Residents of Omunyole village in Kisoko Sub-county in Tororo district are stuck with a grave they dug a week ago to bury a man who tricked his family that he had succumbed to COVID-19.

Charles Ogolla alias “Obwanga” reportedly used his friends in Bugiri municipality to call his family using his mobile phone claiming that he had died of COVID-19.

According to Alwenyi, she mobilized 1.5 Million shillings for the alleged medical bill, coffin and transport for the body and the money wired on the deceased`s cell phone before the would be dead Ogolla returned home two days after.

Ms Kevin Athieno, the Deputy Premier of Tieng Adhola cultural institution, says that it’s an abomination for someone to proclaim his death, saying that it is now up to the family members to perform the cleansing rituals because they shade tears, set fire in the compound to mourn the false death of their son. Ms Kelvin speaking…….

Charles Owino, the LC 2 chairman Mirikiswa parish in Kisoko Sub-county described Ogallo’s action unfortunate and a curse to him. END


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