The Local leaders in Saluti B cell in Kasese Municipality are pondering about the source of reported threatening leaflets about suspected witch allegedly staying in the area.

The area Chairperson local council One, Ms Janet Mbambu confirmed the threats whose source they were to going to investigate but also make a follow up about the possible truth of their content.

According to Ms Jeanette, the leaflets partly allege that the suspected witch said to be a sick visitor had been forced out of three villages, asking the landlord to send her away or else, his house would be torched. Ms Janet speaking1………

Ms Jeanette blames the situation to landlords and local residents who do not want to register their visitors with their local leaders for security purposes. Ms Janet speaking2…….

She said she wasn’t ready to take the matter for granted but rather consult further on what to do before its too late. END.


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