With Just hours remaining to the closure of disbursement of COVID-19 Relief Funds, some vulnerable people in Kasese Municipality are losing hope to benefit from it.

Our Reporter spoke to one of the sex workers Ms. Joyless Biira not her original names who testified how their Business has collapsed now that bars were closed and most customers for the bars are always their best customers who enable them to survive. Ms. Joyless speaking…


Some Boda-boda riders at Golden stage in Kasese Municipality also said they have not received anything before they asked their colleagues not to be over ambitious over COVID -19 relief funds. Boda-boda riders……


However seven members of Rwenzori Avenue in Kasese Municipality including Ms. Bridget Nyakato said she has received the Fund and says she plans to use the money to open up food store Business.

Ms. Bridget ……


Mr. Godwin Muhindo and Mr. Gedion Baluku and others also from Rwenzori Avenue testified how they received COVID-19 Funds from the government. End.


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