The UPDF has finally allowed former spymaster Gen David Sejusa to retire and is among the set of 34 generals of the UPDF who will officially be relieved of active service of the Ugandan army starting today.

According to the UPDF, an official retirement ceremony for 34 generals will officially retire today and tomorrow at a function to be held at the Ministry of Defence headquarters in Mbuya.

The list has Gen Elly Tumwine, Gen David Sejusa, Lt Gen John Mugume, Lt Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso,Lt Gen Andrew Gutti, Maj Gen Stephen Kashaka, Maj Gen Phinehas Katirima, Maj Gen Elly Kayanja, Maj Gen Michael Ondoga, Maj Gen Gavas Mugyenyi and  Brig Stephen Kwiringira among the notable ones.

Most of those to retire were part of the 1986 National Resistance Army liberation war that brought the current government led by Yoweri Museveni into power.

The UPDF Conditions and Terms of Service provide that it’s illegal to keep army officers in active service once they clock a certain age but are not promoted to the next rank.

For example, it’s illegal to have an officer at the rank of captain or major, aged 50, in active service.

Regulation 28, Cap 307 of the terms of service specifies at which age an officer should be promoted to another rank.END  


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