Security has reportedly widened its investigations to link the recent incidents of attacks on police posts to a possible rebel movement that is trying to cause mayhem to the country.

Several security personnel, especially police officers have in the past few months been attacked, killed and their guns taken by unknown assailants.

The latest incident happened last week when unknown armed men raided Nakasozi police post in Kiboga district, killed two police officers including the Officer in Charge of the post before taking off with their two guns.

Addressing journalists yesterday, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said the joint security team handling the matter has widened its investigations to find out whether the attacks are linked to a new rebel movement collecting guns for a bigger motive.

Mr. Enanga said that whereas at first it was thought these were ordinary thugs targeting police officers in a bid to rob guns to use in furtherance of their criminal activities, they have realized this might not be the case with the recent attacks on security personnel, especially police officers. END


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