Parish Priest for Kitabu Catholic parish, Rev Fr. David Kitsa has described as a timed bomb for any Xtian leaned to witchcraft alongside serving God.

Presiding over Mass in preparation for a Healing conference and deliverance Holy Mass scheduled to be led by Rev Fr. John Baptist Bashobore at Kitabu catholic parish, Rev. Fr. Kiiza said time was ripe for the Christians to handover their burdens to Christ for eternity.

He said witchcraft will never take them anywhere but hell which can be reversed by turning to Christ. Fr. Kiiza speaking1……

Fr. Kitsa reminded Christians that it was their belief in Christ that will heal them than serving gods that will lead them to death.

Rev Fr. Kiiza speaking2………

During holy Mass, Rev Fr. Kitsa was assisted by his parish head catchiest, Mr. Joseph Syauswa Isebaghaju. END.


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