Public transporters in Kasese Municipality have hailed the President for relaxing the passenger loading and curfew restrictions.

In his State of the Nations Address on the new year`s eve, President Yoweri Museveni among other issues, relaxed his restrictions on transport to full board on condition that the passengers and transporters were proven fully vaccinated.

The President however maintained curfew on boda-bodas that must stop work at 7pm.

Mr. James Keyman who was appreciative of the President said they were doing their best to fulfill the Presidential directive but that some passengers were arrogant.

He said they were to work with the Kasese health office and police to ensure that the Presidential directives especially on public transport, are fulfilled for their safety. Mr. Keyman speaking……

Earlier yesterday, Mr. Ronald Tusiime was concerned that the fight against the virus may take some time after some health workers began vending for personal gains vaccination cards to un vaccinated community members. END  


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