The failure by extension workers in Kasese District to reach out to the community is affecting farming activities.

Many extension workers have reportedly abandoned their duty stations or are taking long to respond to farmer’s concerns.

Mr.Asuman Masereka, the District Chief Administrative Officer says the extension officers in the district are no longer working. 

He says the farmers in the district are grappling without extension services which have affected their production rate.

Masereka blames the absence of extension services on laxity among the staff.

Mr. Masereka one Extension officers;….

Masereka says that he has instructed the head of the production department with his sub-county team to develop quarterly targets before the department’s budgets are approved. Mr. Masereka two on targets;…

Mr. Julius Julius Rukara, the Kasese District Agriculture Officer says that he will meet with extension workers to remind them of their duties.

However, he says some farmers are found of intentionally downplaying services of extension works even when they have been helpful.

Lt. Col. James Nkojo working with Operation Wealth Creation says there is a decline in the quality of major farm products from the region which he says the technical people need to address. Col.Nkojo on Quality;… Earlier,

Mr. Ernest Muhindo an agricultural officer in Kyarumba Sub County however blames farmers for failing to contact extension workers even when they are available in the communities. END


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