Parents urged to take full charge of their children at home-Mayor Kahindo.

Meanwhile, the Kasese Municipal Mayor, His Worship Chance Kahindo has urged parents and guardian to take full charge of their children currently forced home over COVID-19 threats.

Speaking to Kasese Guide radio yesterday(07th.June.2021), His Worship Chance recalled a big number of young people, some of who have turned drug addicts and others mothers during the lock down announced by President Museveni This follows the presidential nation address on increase cases of covid-19 country wide and asked school across the country to be closed for 42 days.

Speaking to Kasese Guide radio today Morning in his office, Mr. Chance said that it is now time for parents and guardians to care of their school going children in providing basic needs that which will help to reduce rampant cases of pregnancy among them.

Mr. Chance he use the same opportunity to also asked school children to leant from past mistakes and take care for their selves to desist from early marriages. His warship Chance speaking 1…

During the first luck down Kasese municipality they reportedly 380 young mothers in three month which has caused low turn up in schools.


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