The Chairperson Board of Directors Agape of Hope Female youth development Association, Mr. Joseph Kahyana has called on parents and other stakeholders to come to the rescue of children who could bear the effect of COVID-19 pandemic if no action is taken.

Speaking to our reporter this afternoon in Kasese town, Mr. Kahyana observed the most vulnerable children such as those affected by poverty, exclusion or family violence are facing even greater risks in the district.

Mr. Kahyana said a section of parents and guardians have resorted to allowing their children hawk food and nonfood items in urban centers and in rural areas something that puts their lives at stake of contracting COVID-19 as well as exposure to immoral behavior.

Mr. Kahyana 1 on parenting…..

He used the same opportunity saying Agape of hope is deeply concerned about the impacts of the pandemic and commitment measures to save  children called on partners to help mitigate such at all levels.

According to Kahyana, working together will ensure COVID-19 does not threaten social and economic development for a long time and help make families and communities more resilient. ENDS.


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