Parents have no enough time for their family.

Poor Parenting is likely to negatively impact on the quantities and quality

Of Church servants if no urgent interventions are put to fix a number of

Biting family challenges.

In an interview with Kasese Guide radio at Ulrika guest house in Kisubi,

Kampala last evening, Sr. Mary Lilly Driciru, the Coordinator for

Communication of the Association of the Religious in Uganda was

Worried that parents do not have enough time for their children that are

Forced to make un informed decisions which may in future turn against

the institutions they serve and the community.

She described family as a key pillar of the Church that if not well

invested into, could compromise God`s work. Sr. Lilly one on family;..

Sr. Lilly who said they were making follow up on reports that some

Labor exporters were sources of human internal organ trade, later called

for collaborated efforts against what she calls disguised slavery against

the girl child, most of who are subjected to hard labor and

Prostitution at their work places

She called for joint efforts to make accountable individuals, parents,

guardians and some local leaders whom she blames for selfishly reaping

from an inhuman business. Sr. Lilly two on trafficking;….

In a number of videos on social media, some girls have died under

suspicious circumstances, with some reportedly killed for declining to

Service the selfish interest of their domestic matters especially in the

Arab countries. END

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