Dairy Farmers in Mbarara and Kiruhura districts are stuck with over 150,000 liters of milk following the closure of the biggest Milk processing plants in the area.

Pearl Dairies stopped buying milk three days ago while Amos Dairies stopped a week ago.    

The closure of the two biggest milk processors has taken a huge toll on dairy farmers.

James Rwamunahe, a manager at a milk collecting center in Biharwe trading center, says they collect over 15,000 liters each but only sell 5000 liters leaving a balance of 10,000 liters.

He says the whole of Kashari A collects over 30,000 liters but only 15,000 liters are taken by Abesigana Farmers Dairy Cooperative society.

Mr. James Explains;……..


Wilson Bagatuzire, a farmer in Kashari says he is worried of where to take his milk because Pearl Dairies, which used to buy the bulk of the milk, closed yet cooperatives cannot consume what they produce.  


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David Rwancumi, a Dairy farmer in Kiruhura district, says due to lack of market a liter of milk has dropped between Shillings 700 and 800 to Shillings 300= .

The dairy farmers asked for government intervention into the matter.


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