The reported injustices in the then Tooro Kingdom that forced the establishment of the Rwenzururu cultural Institution should be used to remind the kingdom subjects about the importance of unity.

In a message of Congratulations to the Rwenzururu Kingdom over their 60th independence today, the Rwenzururu Premier, Rt. Hon. Joseph Muranga said whereas the Banya-Rwenzururu representative united for a common good, the Tooro cultural establishment worked in isolation against the demands of the Bayira, Bamba and the Bawisi.

Rt. Hon. Muranga said the revolutionary struggle by Isaya Mukirania and Kawamara among others about sixty years ago, was an outcome of the un cooperative then Tooro leaders whose approaches to leadership should be an eye opener to those in administrative positions.

Rt. Hon. Muranga speaking…….

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