An educationist in Kasese district, Mr. Joseph Nzukwa has called for better plans by parents in guiding their children during this forced holiday or else the period may be misused by the learners who hope to return school soon after the lock down emergency.

Speaking to Kasese Guide radio yesterday, Mr. Nzukwa who described long holidays as a curse to some irresponsible learners said that it was the role of a parent to make a follow of what their children do when or else, they would be misled. Mr. Nzukwa speaking1………


Mr. Nzukwa who doubles as the Kuruhe high school head teacher later asked parents to go by the Presidential guidelines about the deadly Corona virus before arguing them to make busy their children as a measure curb them from joining gangs that may lure them into un lawful acts. Mr. Nzukwa speaking 2………..


The former Head of laity for the Diocese of Kasese who sympathized with the people over the current epidemic later asked family heads to think of alternative income sources that would enable them run their families during and after the Corona virus emergency. END.


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