The Bwera subcounty local council three chairman, Mr. Emmanuel Masereka has called for joint efforts against Domestic violence whose cases he said have only been minimized during the lockdown possibly because most men do not have enough money for luxuries, including over drinking as before.

Mr. Emmanuel who wondered why some men were turning their homes into boxing rings over alcoholism called for more efforts by the local leaders and the community against badly behaved men who make it hard for their wives to enjoy their marriages as a result of over drinking.

Mr. Emmanuel speaking1……

The chairman who later called for hard work among family members warned family heads against luxurious expenditures now that the incomes are too small during this COVID-19 lock down.

Mr. Emmanuel speaking2……

Earlier, Mr. Emmanuel had asked parents to be close to their children so as to ably guide them during this forced prolonged holiday. END.


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