MPs okays Implementation of Parish Development Model.

Parliament has approved the implementation of the Parish Development Model.

The model will start operation in a phased approach with preliminary activities for the establishment of the necessary support structures and systems.

Key among the activities is the recruitment of Parish Chiefs, establishment and training of Parish Development Committees, set up of the Community Information System and mobilization of the masses at national and local government level.

Parliament directed that preliminary activities in the coming financial year 2021/2022 should also include gathering and using baseline information to establish parish institutions to support all the seven pillars of the Model and development of value chains of the 18 priority commodities including markets for commodities.

The Parish Development Model is a strategy for organizing and delivering public and private sector interventions for wealth creation and employment generation at the parish level as the lowest economic planning unit.

 Uganda has 10,594 parishes.

MP Lugoloobi says that the intended outcomes of the Parish Development Model are to increase commercial production of priority commodities at the parish level and to increase household incomes in the process.

MP Lugolobi on funding;….

However, Parliament adopted the main committee report hence approving the implementation of the Parish Development Model. End.

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