Most students studying from Kampala schools are still stuck there as they seek for the means to enable them return back to their families, Kasese Guide Radio has learnt.

Our reporter spoke to Mr. Raphael Muhindo a senior two student at Seetah high school in Kampala who was still stuck in the city by press time and said transport fares have almost tripled from the previous cost and passenger vehicles are few compared to demand a situation that has forced some students and other travelers to sleep inside the Taxi/Bus park. Mr. Raphael speaking…………..

A hotel operator in Kampala Mr. Emmanuel Kazimoto also told our reporter that Pokopoko Bus Company was charging ninety thousand shillings as Link bus was charging one hundred twenty thousand shillings from Kampala to Kasese a practice that has been strongly condemned by Government. Mr. Kazimoto speaking……

In Kasese Municipality at Fort portal stage, drivers are charging fifteen thousand shillings for passengers traveling from Kasese town to Fort portal.

On Bwera stage in Kasese Taxi Park the Chairperson Bwera stage Mr. Karutaru Muhammad told our reporter that from Kasese town to Bwera they are charging ten thousand shillings as those going to Kiburara and Kinyamaseke are charged eight thousand shillings.

Mr. Karutaru speaking……..

Details about transport fares will come in our subsequent Bulletins. END.


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