The Mpondwe-Lhubiriha local council three Chairperson in Kasese district, Mr. Selevest Mapoze has asked his electorates to mainly focus on Voting into power development oriented leaders without leaning much on their political parties.

Mr. Mapoze who won FDC Flag for Mpondwe Lhubiriha town council chairman seat reminded his electorates about the poor state of the Uganda-DRC border town before he his reign, saying that he was still strong to serve with. Mr. Mapoze speaking……

The incumbent Kyalhumba subcounty chairman who contested for the newly created Kitabu subcounty, Mr. Ivan Kabuthirwa lost to Mr. Robert Kyana in the FDC flag bearer contest by three Votes. Mr. Ivan however called for calmness among his supporters who he asked to overwhelmingly support the poll winner for the good of the party and the community. Mr. Ivan speaking1………

Mr. Ivan had said that the struggle had started and that their FDC primary elections were free and fair. END.


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