The Minister for Energy and Mineral Development, Ruth Nankabirwa has met with organizers in order to iron out the nitty-gritty ahead of the first ever symposium for the NRM Chapter in Canada.

The meeting aimed at bringing together the party supporters but also forge ways of investing back home in Uganda is scheduled for July 8 to 10, 202 at Niagara falls hotel in Canada.

Speaking to the organizers yesterday, Hon. Nankabirwa who will represent President Museveni at the meeting said there should be efforts to ensure remittances by Ugandans abroad are put to good use by their relatives back home.

She insisted that it is appalling that Ugandans in the diaspora send money back home but ends up being wasted by the people entrusted with it.

The Energy Minister however urged Ugandans in the diaspora to be careful with the people they send money home, noting that they need to scrutinize them before sending them money. END


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