Mawa market was today was temporarily closed by Nyamwamba Division to give enough time for the leadership to organize the market in line with the technical guidelines against the deadly Corona virus as announced recently by President Yoweri Museveni.

Ms Christine Rushungu Nyinabarongo a market vendor and a resident of Kahokya trading centre in Muhokya sub county described the development as good but that the Nyamwamba Division local leadership should not only ensure the safety of the vendors before mixing with their families at the expiry of the presidential orders but restrain other traders, including shopkeepers from food vending now that their businesses have been closed over the current virus threats. Ms Christine on venders…..

Ms Jenifer Nakamya, another food vendor was disappointed over what she described as a seemingly discriminative implementation of the Presidential directives on markets before faulting he fellow vendors for being un conscious about the epidemic. Ms Jenipher speaking……

Ms Rusia Kunihira, a Matooke vendor in the same market said that whereas some market vendors seem stubborn in regard to the guidelines against the deadly virus, closing food markets was suicidal and the worst option during this trying moment. Ms Kunihira speaking1…….

Later during his operation of the temporary closure, the Nyamwamba Division local council three chairperson described the closure as temporary mainly to give his office ample space to organize the market into the recommended spacing among market vendors, as well as their customers. Mr. Kisuki Saidi speaking……….

Mr. Kisuki had earlier said that the temporary closure was basically to safeguard them and Uganda as a whole. END.


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