Police in Kinyabwamba Kitswamba sub-county in Kasese district is holding A 33 year old man on allegation of attempted murder on her biological mother.

No official comment from police, but the district councilor representing Kitswamba sub-county, Hon. Mugisha Gad confirmed the information and identified the suspect as, Mr. Elisha Washera, a resident of Motomoto Village in Kitswamba Sub-County.

Hon.Gad said the suspect was arrested after he tried to stab her mother, Ms. Nyamatayo over land wrangle. Hon.Gad on arrest….


It’s reported that Mr. Elisha, the heir of his father’s land wanted to evict her mother over unclear circumstances that sparked the fight.

Hon. Gad, who strongly condemned the act advised the youth to engage in active production than thinking about inheritance of family properties. END.


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