The Kasese district FDC Chairperson, Mr. Saulo Maate has attacked President Museveni for his moves to frustrate plans to develop the education system by prolonging the lockdown.

According to Mr. Saulo, Mr. Museveni should not be praised for his recent revised lockdown condition that will see school open next week and fully operationalize the economy by the end of this week.

Mr. Saulo wonders why Museveni was not friends like in other countries where learners kept going to school under a conditioned environment as the lockdown went on. Mr. Saulo speaking1………

Mr. Saulo, a retired police officer later warned against the popularized automatic promotion of learners which he described as disastrous especially to learners in Advanced secondary levels and candidate classes. Mr. Saulo speaking2…….

State Minister for ICT and national guidance, Hon. Geoffrey Kabyanga described Mr. Saulo`s statements as un fortunate for Uganda, wondering if the FDC chairman was regarding COVID-19 a Museveni problem.

He said now that Uganda is one of the countries in the region that has well battled with the virus despite some challenges, Mr. Kabyanga asked Mr. Saulo and other leaders to joint hands in assisting the local community in recovering the economy than mere transfer of blame and lamentations. Hon. Kabyanga speaking1…

The former Kasese Municipal Mayor calls for principled leadership than making statements that are not only misleading but made from un informed point of view. Hon. Kabyanga speaking2………

He asks parents to focus more on how to deal with their children at school than listening to mere empty political talk. END.


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