Kasese municipal roads to be worked upon very soon-Hon. Siriwayo said.

Kasese Municipality will start working on roads in a sorry state to ease road communication, the Kasese Municipal Secretary for works and technical services, Hon. John Siriwayo has said.

Speaking to Kasese guide radio yesterday(09th.June.2021), Mr. Siriwayo said that whereas the plan is to work on bad roads, new cells will also be planned to avoid inconveniences and un called for expenditures in future.

He called for cooperation by the local community as the road works begin soon. Hon. Siriwayo speaking……

He also revealed that government had sent twenty four million for the repair of the grader that has been down to enable road works commence around August. Mr. Siriwayo speaking………..

Hon. Siriwayo called on the community to report to their local leaders and police any act that would fail the road works. END

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