Jinja Taxi Drivers and Operator’s Association has asked President Museveni to adjust the curfew time because the current time limits them to one route or less per day.

The Association says if the curfew commencement hour remains as it has been over the last two months, many of the operators are unlikely to make ends meet in terms of daily earnings.

Ali Mudoola, a driver from Bugiri says there are 21 taxi drivers along the Jinja-Bugiri route and all of them cannot have passengers on their return to Jinja.

Mr. Joseph Bagenda, a driver from Jinja to Mukono says that, due to the hiked transport fares, taxi operators are likely to spend an hour to load passengers, making it hard for them to operate within the curfew deadline. Mr. Joseph speaking……


Mr. Sulah Kalevu fears that many of them are likely to end up in losses if they cannot make a round trip given the high fuel prices but only the second trip of a journey will enable the driver to earn money needed by the taxi owner and to foot other costs. Mr. Sula speaking……


Earlier in their meeting, the Association suggested that the curfew commencement should be pushed to 10:00 pm instead of 7:00 PM. END


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