IPOD summit set for Friday, FDC not attending

Heads of Political Parties organized under the Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue-IPOD are set to conduct their 3rd Summit on March 5th at the Kololo Independence ground.

IPOD brings together parties with representation in Parliament to dialogue on issues affecting the country and political players in the country. 

  Currently, the members are drawn from the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM, Democratic Party-DP, and Forum for Democratic Change-FDC, Justice Forum-JEEMA and Uganda People’s Congress-UPC.

The IPOD Council, which comprises Secretary-Generals of IPOD member parties, sat on February 23rd 2021 under the leadership of the NRM Secretary-General Justine Kasule Lumumba and resolved to convene a summit under the theme “Dialogue for National Cohesion.

President Yoweri Museveni, who is the Chairman of the NRM, being the party currently at the helm of the IPOD shall chair the summit. 

 Lumumba says the Summit shall discuss the events witnessed in the just concluded elections such as violence, hate speech and sectarian talk among others. END.

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