Some community members and leaders in Kasese district have expressed concern over plans to allow pregnant learners in class as schools open next week, Kasese guide radio has learnt.

Some believe that the plan to have pregnant young girls in school would promote sexual acts among school going children as most of them fear being sent home.

Ms Edreda Asiimwe was also concerned about the big load given to the teachers looking at the demands by the expectant first mothers.

The district education office, Mr. George Mayinja however is quoted to have threatened disciplinary action against un compliant head teachers and staff who may want to harass pregnant learners wishing to return to school.

Mr. Mayinja who asked strong pregnant learners to be given second chance also threatened to arrest the employment as baby sitters young girls who are expected to be in school. Mr. Mayinja speaking…..

The Kasese district chairperson, Mr. Erifazi Muhindi said whereas he proposes for facility at every school to cater for the breastfeeding teenage mothers, the plan that can be revised in future is intended to fill the parenting gaps that have been worsened by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Mr. Muhindi speaking……..

Some head teachers and teachers interviewed said they were ready for classes next week but ask parents and guardians to provide the necessary requirements for their children at school. Some head teachers…..

They also ask the same parents and guardians to talk to their children before turning up for classes. END


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