The Inspector General of Government, Beti Olive Namisango Kamya has announced that she will press ahead with conducting a lifestyle audit on government officials whose wealth does not match their known income.

Ms Kamya’s declaration comes four months after President Yoweri Museveni cautioned her on the strategy, saying she should go slow as it could scare the corrupt officials from investing the stolen funds in the country and instead take the money abroad.

Ms Beti Kamya however now says that it is very hard to catch the corrupt top government officials and so she has to pursue the life style audit approach.

The public often blames the Inspectorate of Government for hunting down low ranking government officials engaged in less costly corruption tendencies yet there are top government officials often referred to as big fish who are corrupt and cause massive loss to the country.

Kamya says it’s hard to find evidence to pin top government officials for corruption because they operate through lower staff, they don’t sign on documents, sometimes discuss corruption deals from abroad and keep ‘their’ stolen money in offshore accounts. Ms Betty Kamya speaking…..

She said the fight against corruption should be for Uganda not her. END


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