Former Rwenzururu Premier, Rt. Hon. Guardi Mbayahi Bakwanamaha intends to take on the Kasese district Forum for Democratic Change chair ship to consolidate the party he says is in disarray.

Speaking to Kasese guide radio at his town home in Nyamwamba Division in Kasese Municipality, Mr. Guardi recalls that FDC is a result of the Reform Agenda that is a brain child of Dr. Kiiza Besigye and that he is offended to see it in what he called a disorganized manner.

He said he had made his mind about the same district party leadership seat with a mission of re uniting the members than leaving them to move their way. Rt. Hon. Guardi one ……….

Mr. Gad, a retired primary head teacher said reconciliation among party members and also focus on individual development for them to live exemplary is his priority mission to revamp the political party that is almost irrelevant to some people.  Rt. Hon. Guardi speaking2……..

The former Kasese district FDC electoral commission chairperson said he was to mobilize for his intentions of leading the party in Kasese immediately after the lock down so as to give it a new face.

FDC in Kasese district is currently led by Mr. Saulo Maate but nobody knows yet if he has any intentions to contest for the same seat. END.


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