Hon. Mbaju Jackson Kathika, the Busongora South constituency by-election aspirant in Kasese district calls on his electorates to demonstrate their unity by guarding against election multi-practices during the polling day.  

Addressing a crowd comprising mostly his supporters at Mbunga trading Centre in Mbunga Subcounty in Kasese district, Hon. Kathika said that he was working hard to ensure that the by lections soon do not divide their family but remain a demonstration of justice to the people who have the right to vote a leader of their choice as the law dictates.

Hon. Kathika speaking1……….


The former Member of Parliament for Busongora South constituency hailed the Court of Appeal to have un earthed the election multi-practices that included; exaggerated number of voters at Busunga and Katunguru market among other contested polling stations.

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Hon. Gideon Ntaboose, an NRM mobilizer and former Forum for Democratic Change diehard described Hon. Kathika as a true tested leader and a lobbyist who worked hard to deliver to his electorates despite being an opposition politician. Hon. Ntabose speaking……


Mr. Sam Baluku, a member of NUP and Kasese Municipality MP flag bearer called for full support of the locals now that police was reportedly working hard to suppress the opposition political plans during the forthcoming by elections for Busongora South constituency.

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Earlier yesterday, Hon. Kathika told his supporters at Mpunga trading center that he was disappointed with police for blocking his meetings in several areas in his constituency even when he had been cleared. END.


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